GARNET (Genomics and Randomized Trials Network, or Genome-wide Association Research Network into Effects of Treatment)

is a series of genome-wide association studies of treatment response in randomized clinical trials that looks to identify genetic variants associated with response to treatments for conditions of clinical or public health significance.


Data Cleaning Bioconductor Package

"GWASTools" – a Bioconductor package for data cleaning and analysis developed by the Coordinating Center is now available. Read more....


GARNET Statement on Incidental Findings and Potentially Clinically Relevant Genetic Results

As part of the primary GARNET analyses, in further studies using GARNET data, and in future clinical trials incorporating genetic studies, investigators may identify genetic abnormalities that might influence the clinical care of an individual. These genetic variants may be identified as a result of data cleaning and/or data analyses; they may be related to the primary focus of the genetic research or may be unrelated, so-called “incidental findings.” These statements and recommendations have been developed to help GARNET and future investigators when they identify any such incidental or research genetic findings. This statement will be provided to any collaborators or future users of GARNET data. It is provided here for public use and dissemination.
GARNET established a subcommittee on Incidental Findings (IF) to provide an educational forum for GARNET investigators to learn about and discuss